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How Servbetter Works is basically a third party platform which provides a secure channel of skill trade between the buyer and seller over the internet.

Nowadays it’s a common practice to seek and search a specific service provider over the internet instead of going to the market physically. Because on the former source of services, the types of works/projects are classified so the client/buyer can see all of their options at once and at one place. Moreover, the freelancers and skill sellers find potential buyers of their skill with a secure and timely method of payment.

On servbetter, you are either a seller or a buyer of services. In case you are here to buy a service, you just post a project with correct specifications and the interested sellers get in touch with you. In case you are a seller or a freelancer, you bid on the projects posted by buyers.

How Servbetter Works


Post a Project

Simple wizard like procedure is deployed to post a project on The mammoth audience of our website is waiting to engage and respond to your project call. All you have to do it provide a bit of your personal detail for entitlement and a descriptive but precise detail of your project.

Required elements regarding your project in general are its title, specific and accurate detail about the type and nature of task or the services you are requiring, time range and budget domain.

The main factors abetting to attract skill sellers or freelancers to your project will be the time span granted and the price offered. Freelancers will place bids on your projects according to their desired amount. At the closing of bid, professional portfolios of all the bidders will be available to you and all you will have to do is to choose the right person.

Post a Project
Highly skilled sellers


Highly skilled sellers

On our platform you will find enormous number of skilled, educated, qualified and experienced freelancers relating to each and every skill which is traded over the internet. From conventional freelancing jobs like virtual assistant, software development, web designing, content writing, web development and graphic designing, video to the trivial tasks like car hire, junk/garbage remover, body massage, pet care and pet groomer, you will not find a single service missing on this website.

Freelancers on this website are not only ample in their professional capabilities but are also prompt and punctual with respect to the granted time span for project completion.


Fund Secured

All the payments you make as a buyer are entirely secure within the website’s account premises. has made adequate and up to the mark digital security arrangements for the throughout safe transmission of money from buyer to seller.

Your payment is transferred to the freelancer/skill-seller only when you are cent per cent satisfied by the results of tasks. Until your full satisfaction is not confirmed, your funds are locked under website’s authority.

The payments from buyer to website and website to seller are also conducted under the secure and conventional methods and channels of online money transfer like PayPal, pioneer and bank debit/credit cards of international servers like Visa and MasterCard.

A brief detail of all the financial transactions made by client and their current balance amount within the possession of website is displayed in dashboardmeanwhile complete detail set and transaction history is also a few clicks away.

Fund Secured
Payment release security


Payment release security assures foolproof transfer of buyer’s money to the seller’s domain through its secure and confined money transfer channels.

All the payments made and transactions conducted are through proper banking channels which are credit or debit cards of international card servers. Facility of OMT (online money transfer) companies like PayPal and Pioneer are also available in order to accomplish quickest possible money transactions from buyer to seller.

Payments can also be withdrawn from website account in some cases if the buyer decides to pullback the project or seller gives up the designated task (details are mentioned in withdrawal policy).


Seller Dashboard included

A compactly designed dashboard is included in seller’s account where both the general profile and professional portfolio can be maintained very efficiently the account holder. Stats regarding number of bids placed, number of task orders won and entire the detail of payments, dues and transactions regarding seller are included in dashboard. The artificially intelligent dashboard engine provides a very mitigating and padding environment to the professional which further enhance their efficacy.

Complete portfolio of service seller is visible to the buyer so all the key professional virtues of seller are assessed by the buyer before assigning the task. It provides a great opportunity to the buyer to select the person of his choice to fulfil their requirements and get their tasks and projects done according to their desired constraints.

Profile is visible to the buyer only when the seller places a bid on the project of buyer.

Seller Dashboard included

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